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Lambdalit®: both robust and lightweight at the same time

Easy to install with screws, while being highly insulative and flexible: The EPS innovator sunpor launches Lambdalit®, a particle foam product that opens the door to new technical and commercial applications.
Lambdalit® is the material of choice whenever the insulating strength of EPS is just as important as the mechanical strength of injection moulding, The innovative particle foam product makes it possible to produce high-strength components with a density of anywhere between 230 and 410 km/m³ in a cost-effective way using standard EPS moulding machines: easy to install with screws and high insulation properties with a thermal conductivity of just 48-63 MW/m K. The dense structure enables complex geometries and precise moulded parts with a high-quality feel to be manufactured. These can then be subjected to additional processing steps such as milling, sawing or water jet cutting without any problems.

Lambdalit® is pre-expanded by sunpor and delivered ready for production in the desired density, meaning that there is no longer any need for time-consuming pre-expansion and temporary storage in the silo. With the combined strengths of EPS and injection moulding, moulded Lambdalit® parts are particularly suitable for technical applications and for avoiding thermal bridges during construction work.
Lambdalit® mouldings 

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