suncolor circolor® 100

Helmets that protect more than your head

suncolor circolor<sup>®</sup> 100
With suncolor circolor® 100 for sports helmets, sunpor now offers high-quality, recycling-based material for all EPS applications.

100% recycling characterizes the plastic content of suncolor circolor® 100. The use of new resources in production is limited to additives and the color pigments for the dignified black. The use of recycled polystyrene reduces the new consumption of fossil resources to a minimum.
The result is 89% fulfillment for the flustix RECYCLED certificate – and the industry-wide role as a pioneer.

A unique position offers suncolor circolor® 100 in the market for sports helmets to the fast-growing customer segment with high climate and environmental awareness: as the first recycled material that is available in industrial quantities.
And the only one that is based on 100% recyclate. suncolor circolor® 100 was developed together with customers in accordance with all internationally relevant safety standards. Helmet manufacturers in Europe and Asia are already using it and confirm: the quality corresponds to the high standards of conventional EPS in every respect.

Circular economy is a guiding principle in sunpor′s product development. After lambdapor® R10 and R15 for building insulation and repor® for packaging, suncolor circolor® completes the range: sunpor is the first EPS manufacturer to offer products with recycling technology for all central application areas.

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