more than EPS-
more than EPS-

more than EPS

EPS ideas
EPS is a multifunctional material that attracts new ideas. At sunpor, these ideas are met with open doors: at an in-house research and development laboratory. With demanding customers and experienced application consultants who inspire us time and again to create to high-quality EPS innovations.

Space for ideas

Lambdalit®: for complex shapes
Lambdalit® is a high-density functional material based on polystyrene rigid foam. Lambdalit® can be used to produce high-strength, complex moulded parts in an economically viable way: With high insulating properties. And it is easy to handle, whether through milling, cutting or screwing. We supply Lambdalit® as a ready-to-use material for conventional moulding machines in three densities, each in anthracite.

suncolor® PPE: for ambitious thermal requirements
suncolor® PPE is an expandable EPS granulate material which can be processed into foams with increased thermal properties. suncolor® PPE is available in grey and can be processed into moulded parts after pre-foaming on conventional moulding machines.

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