Future-proof insulation technology

Lambdapor® R10
10% recycling.
Maximum insulating power.

Future-proof insulation technology
sunpor completes the cycle of EPS: By using recycled material lambdapor® R10 raises the future-oriented insulating technology to the next level. This saves fossil resources and optimises the eco-balance.

Lambdapor® is synonymous with excellent insulating power and leading energy efficiency. Every year, sunpor produces over 100,000 tonnes of this "grey EPS". Enough to insulate 200,000 detached homes and save 50 million tonnes of CO2 during the period of use. This is equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions of a country like Denmark.

The Lambdapor® success story has become a circular one
With Lambdapor® R10, sunpor takes the next step with grey EPS: with full insulating power and improved eco-balance thanks to the use of recycled EPS.

The green deal for insulation

10% EPS recyclate, 10% reduced consumption of "fresh" fossil-based raw materials in production: Lambdapor® R10 relies on recycled EPS and thus combines market-leading insulating power with new benchmarks regarding the eco-balance of EPS.

For the CO2 footprint of insulation and buildings, this means substantial rather than merely calculated gains: based on the value of materials and certified by flustix®.

sunpor is thus following the path set out by the "European Green Deal": Towards a sustainable EPS circular economy. Getting away from dependence on fossil raw materials. Lambdapor® R10 sets a beginning that will continue into the future.

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