Protection and packaging-
Protection and packaging-

Protection and packaging

Can valuable objects be packed in air? – Up to 98%.
Can a packaging material that offers maximum protection against shocks and temperature fluctuations be both as light as a feather and open to creative designs? sunpor-EPS can achieve this.

Flexible in its application

sunpor-EPS can be used to protect almost anything that is valuable and sensitive: A person’s head with a trendy helmet. Food in trays, crates, boxes or bottle carriers. And sensitive technical goods with packaging or packaging inserts that can take on almost any shape and function. 

High-impact presentation

Depending on the selected density, sunpor-EPS gives you extensive freedom in the design of your packaging. Exclusive, high-impact shapes are just as possible as fully dyed material in bright colours or surfaces with a refined look.
Flexible in its application-

Highly functional

The EPS motto applies to all packaging: more transport safety with less transport weight. When low material weight is combined with pronounced robustness, this has its advantages: Reduced transport costs. Simplified handling in shipping and at the point of sale.

This is in addition to the real strengths of EPS, which we harness in the best way for you depending on the product and application: Thermal protection against temperature fluctuations. Mechanical protection against knocks and shocks. Suitable for food and much more ...
Highly functional-