Creating space for ideas
EPS of impressively uniform quality, value-creating innovations, and efficient upcycling: at sunpor, we make it possible – with the most cutting-edge production system for EPS granules in the world.

Seeing the whole picture

At sunpor, we use the latest production technology and processes to meet all requirements: the demands of our customers with consistent quality and a high degree of innovation in our products. The safety of our employees with top workplace safety standards and an in-house fire department. And responsibility towards our future by using our high-quality raw materials as sustainably as possible (responsibility).

Integrated with a clear focus
Our two production locations with integrated operations in St. Pölten (Austria) are situated in the geographical heart of the European market. Combining the technical possibilities of polymerisation and extrusion enables us to produce a wide and innovative range of EPS granules and even process recycled EPS. Our teams work together under one roof: from production and quality management to sales and product management.

Seeing the whole picture-

Industrial with a personal touch
With an annual capacity of 260,000 tonnes of granules, we are one of the largest suppliers of EPS around the world. We believe it is our job to combine industrial power with the flexibility of an SME, thereby enabling our customers to benefit from stable processes for top quality and security of supply, as well as from our unbureaucratic approach to managing orders.

Innovative with a focus on sustainability
Technological progress and responsibility go hand in hand at sunpor: Our grey EPS is the result of a joint undertaking to develop one of the most impressive innovations in the EPS market in recent decades. We are increasingly focusing on recycling and upcycling with our own laboratory for research and development to further improve the already excellent carbon footprint of EPS. At the same time, sunpor is committed to being a pacesetter for an international EPS circular economy. This is how we make more out of EPS – and more out of the raw materials we use for it.