Creating space for ideas
What does it mean to have the most modern production facility for EPS granules in Europe? Whatever can be achieved with EPS, sunpor turns this into reality.

Safely into the future

At sunpor, we set store by top quality and pioneering innovative practices. At the same time, safety and sustainability in respect of production is our number one concern, which is reflected in the fact that we adhere to stringent standards for occupational safety and the environment. We have a dedicated company fire department, which is on hand to handle any emergency. We only procure top-quality raw materials, processing them with care and in a way that protects the environment (responsibility).

Our two production locations with integrated operations in St. Pölten (Austria) are situated in the geographical heart of the European market. Combining the technical possibilities of polymerisation and extrusion enables us to produce a wide and innovative range of EPS granules. Our teams work together under one roof: from production and quality assurance to sales and user advice.

Safely into the future-

With an annual capacity of 230,000 tonnes of granules, we are one of the most prolific suppliers of EPS around the world. We believe it is our job to combine industrial power with the flexibility of an SME, thereby enabling our customers to benefit from stable processes for top quality and security of supply, as well as from our unbureaucratic approach to managing orders.

We at sunpor strive to promote a culture of innovation that goes far beyond our internal laboratory for research and development. This is the same passion that drove us to co-invent grey EPS as the most influential innovation in the EPS sector of the past decades. “We do more with EPS” is the motto that each and every one of our employees abides by every day.