Products & Applications

Transport boxes made of Lambdapor® ensure optimal temperature for vaccines

Products & Applications
Lambdapor® not only provides excellent insulation for buildings, but also supplies the optimum raw material for transport boxes to protect temperature-sensitive vaccines.

Worldwide, vaccines are a valuable and delicate commodity. Often, extremely low storage temperatures of up to -20 °C are required, which must also be kept constant during transport. When it comes to regional distribution to doctors, pharmacies or nursing homes, this becomes a major challenge.

Highly insulating Lambdapor® provides the solution. Extremely temperature-stable, impact-resistant and yet lightweight, sunpor′s EPS granulate offers, thanks to 98% air, the optimal raw material for these packaging solutions needed worldwide. Reusable many times over and, of course, 100% recyclable.

The Japanese company TOHO Industries relies on Lambdapor® 753 premium for the production of its "EPS Subzero BOX". The low-temperature transport containers were specially developed for the distribution of temperature-sensitive COVID vaccines to communities and vaccination centers, thus contributing to the implementation of the national vaccination strategy in Japan.