Safety data sheet

Safety data sheet

Our safety data sheets can be downloaded here. 

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sunpor® STD

Applies to: sunpor® A243, sunpor® A321, sunpor® A422, sunpor® A423, suncolor® exquisit, suncolor® protect, suncolor® protect micro, suncolor® superfusion, suncolor® micro, powerpor® 2, powerpor® 3, sunpor® A323, repor® 33, suncolor® superblack, suncolor circolor® 100

sunpor® SE

Applies to: sunpor® A145, sunpor® A245, sunpor® A355, sunpor® A415, sunpor® A452, terrapor® 3, terrapor® 4, roofpor®


Applies to: Lambdapor® roof, Lambdapor® 750 premium, Lambdapor® 753 premium, Lambdapor® 753, Lambdapor® 750, Lambdapor® 750 R10

Lambdapor® STD

Applies to: Lambdapor® 750 STD, Lambdapor® 750 STD premium, Lambdapor® micro STD


Applies to: Lambdalit® 410, Lambdalit® 230, Lambdalit® 320, sunpor® HP150

suncolor® PPE

Applies to: suncolor® PPE