more circularity-
more circularity-

more circularity

The cycle of EPS
EPS that goes full circle:
Conserving resources in production.
Saving resources in the application.

The future lies in the cycle

Taking on the role of a pioneer for an EPS circular economy is one thing. Developing EPS products for it, another. sunpor is the first manufacturer to achieve ‘more circularity’ on an industrial scale: High-quality EPS grades that use recycled material or special biodegradable foams.


What if we can upcycle old EPS applications back into EPS? Making them as good as new, and with all the strengths and functionalities that we associate with EPS? The result is an EPS cycle in which we use fossil-based primary energy only once, bound in EPS for many generations of the product. Enabling EPS to not only protect value and the climate when it is used, but also when it is produced: with outstanding efficiency in how energy and fossil resources are used.
In our development lab, we at sunpor have created upcycled EPS that meets these requirements: Based on high-quality, flustix-certified recycled material. With a growing variety of types, which also includes the super insulator lambdapor®. And as the first manufacturer of industrial quantities.

Biodegradable polymer foams for special applications are another part of the journey towards a sustainable future. sunpor® bio Infill is one way that we have embarked on this journey.

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