Coloured EPS
suncolor® is more than just coloured EPS. It is pore-deep coloured EPS that makes the difference for your product on the market.

The colour of life

Produced using the latest extrusion technology, suncolor® is EPS that has been dyed deep into the substance of the material. Ready to appeal to the lifestyle of consumers around the world with a wide range of colours and fine finishes.

Helmets: saving lives in style
Leading manufacturers of bicycle and motorcycle helmets rely on the advantages of suncolor®. Its optimised properties also make it possible to create thin-walled shapes – for an innovative ventilation system, for example. It meets the applicable testing standards in the EU as well as in the USA, Canada, Australia and Japan. It combines a striking market presence in a characteristically deep black or silver-grey look with rational production: designed for short cycle times, it saves energy and time, as well as creating some scope when it comes to pricing.
The colour of life-

Packing á la Carte
suncolor® means that you gain an efficient salesperson for your products and goods: Dyed deep into the structure ranging from discreet anthracite to stimulating light blue to friendly olive green. It is also available in your special, brand-strengthening colour when a certain minimum quantity is ordered. Suitable for food when you deal with fresh produce. And with a refined surface if the packaging – of technical equipment, for example – is to convey a touch of luxury. You can rely here on all the advantages of sunpor-EPS: reliable protection against temperature fluctuations, shocks or knocks. And a great deal of creative space for exceptional packaging designs. 

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