Can houses be insulated with air? – Up to 98 %.
Can the most cost-effective insulating material also be the one with the highest level of energy efficiency and excellent environmental footprint? sunpor-EPS can achieve this: Easy to process. Fire-retardant design. And always recyclable.

Energy efficiency x cost efficiency

No other material offers the same degree of insulation performance with the same low quantity of raw materials and resources like sunpor-EPS. This in turn is the reason for the product’s excellent environmental footprint: Each EPS insulation board saves several times the amount of fossil raw materials required to manufacture it. This applies more than anything else to grey EPS. In this segment, we at sunpor have developed Lambdapor®, the most efficient insulation currently available on the market.

From the cellar to the roof

sunpor-EPS is both light in weight and easy to process. Everything else is a question of application and type: from moisture-repellent to noise-insulating. From insulating power in the tightest of spaces to its ability to be cut easily along windows or pipes. Our range of products provides targeted answers to specific challenges depending on the building type and section.
Energy efficiency x cost efficiency-

Nice and cosy

sunpor-EPS guarantees both a healthy indoor climate and a pleasant one at all times, not to mention a significant reduction in energy costs for living. It keeps out both the cold and the heat. It stops moisture from getting in, thereby preventing the conditions for any mould growth. It also allows rooms to ‘breathe’ by allowing water vapour to pass through the cell membranes.

Long-term value stability

Properly installed, insulation made of sunpor-EPS is something that will last a lifetime, and even for generations. It provides steady insulation over the entire life cycle of the building. EPS then goes on to become a valuable material for recycling or thermal recycling.
Nice and cosy-