Grey EPS
The league of first-class grey insulators is setting the standards in building insulation today. At sunpor, we have helped bring this to the fore with Lambdapor®.

The graphite innovation

We have enriched the structures of the air-filled EPS cells with top quality graphite particles. These are what give ‘grey EPS’ its characteristic colour – and reflect infra-red heat radiation. The result is Lambdapor®: the strongest insulating product currently available on the market.

25 % additional insulating power
With its graphite innovation blocking infra-red rays,  Lambdapor® improves the strong insulating performance of EPS by up to a further 25 percent. This means that, with the same thickness of insulation as before, you benefit from significantly more insulating power and a further reduction in energy costs for heating or cooling. Or: You achieve the necessary insulating effect with thinner insulation boards, a particularly valuable feature where space is scarce, for example when renovating old buildings. 

Saves raw materials
Lambdapor® saves additional raw materials during production, striking an optimum ratio between lightness, stability and insulating power. When being used, it brings enormous savings in energy consumption: the equivalent of around 20,000 litres of heating oil over ten years compared with an uninsulated detached house. Insulating the world with grey EPS would constitute a breakthrough in the fight against climate change.

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The graphite innovation-