is ultimately
about circularity.
Our products aim to meet the demands of social responsibility. This also applies to our production, and our commitment to issues of social and environmental sustainability.


With Responsible Care certification, we produce EPS that consumes as few resources as possible when being produced, in order to save even more resources when being subsequently used. We optimise each and every one of our processes with a view to minimising our ecological footprint. To this end, we use raw materials of the highest quality and position ourselves as a pioneer in the upcycling of waste EPS. We rely on energy from biomass as well as a powerful photovoltaic system and obtain 100% of our electricity from renewable energy sources. We neutralise emissions in line with the latest standards using regenerative thermal oxidation.



We are actively involved in efforts to establish an EPS circular economy. The CreaSolv® process, developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute, marks a breakthrough here: The technology makes it possible to efficiently upcycle old insulation boards, turning them into residue-free and high-quality EPS recycled material. This means that, in the future, new EPS insulation can be produced using the large amounts of deconstruction and packaging waste in Europe, and largely without the consumption of additional fossil-based raw materials. Pilot testing confirms that the technology is ready for an EPS circular economy.


We follow clear guidelines when it comes to social responsibility. We owe our success to the local people and resources, which is why we support social and charitable initiatives in the region. This also includes working together with schools and promoting a broad understanding of how technology and the environment are interconnected.
Social-sunpor is a cooperation partner of BHAK Business St. Pölten zoom sunpor is a cooperation partner of BHAK Business St. Pölten
Roman Eberstaller
„Responsibility means doing what is right and not just what is the easiest. Responsibility also means being part of the solution, not of the problem.”

Roman Eberstaller