Why choose sunpor-EPS-
Why choose sunpor-EPS-

Why choose sunpor-EPS

We do more with EPS
At sunpor, we combine the innovative power of an industrial market leader with personalised support. And the economic value of EPS with its ecological potential. Therefore EPS from sunpor is the right choice.

The best in EPS

sunpor is synonymous with the most modern production facility for EPS around the world, combining the possibilities of polymerisation and extrusion to achieve a broad and differentiated range of products. With efficient, international sales logistics. With the most advanced environmental and social standards and leading know-how in recycling.

Reliable quality
sunpor-EPS is regarded as a technological leader in all respects. Whether in terms of workability, end product properties or economic viability: All criteria are documented and reliably fulfilled, type for type. We guarantee consistent quality for all delivery batches to ensure the consistent and precise quality of the EPS end product.

The best in EPS-

Personal support
What’s important here is that our EPS helps you to achieve everything aimed with its application. And what’s important here is that your EPS application gets the most out of our granules. You can count on the support of our experienced application consultants in every respect. We are personally at your side: from the optimisation of processing methods to the development of optimum products for specific applications.