sunpor<sup>®</sup> STD and SE-
sunpor<sup>®</sup> STD and SE-

sunpor® STD and SE

White EPS
More versatile than ever, produced in a more environmentally friendly way than ever before: Classic white EPS has moved with the times. Nowhere more than at sunpor.

“Standard” at the highest level

At sunpor, we have paired white EPS with the highest standards. State-of-the-art conditions in our production facilities enable us to supply granules that are of a reliable quality, easy to process and highly cost-efficient. We offer a carefully graded range of products which we have optimised for specific requirements.

Building insulation
Customised products for building insulation from cellars, façades and partition walls to ceilings and roof areas:
  • fire retardant
  • heat and impact sound insulating
  • moisture repellent
  • and more...
From the shockproof packed, flat-screen TV to the temperature-protected fresh produce in the fish box: With different density ranges and designed in a way that is suitable for food storage, sunpor-EPS offers plenty of space for creative packaging designs and functional concepts.

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