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Value from EPS:
A question of design.

About 98% of an EPS panel is air. This provides excellent insulation and protection performance ...
With one of the most modern EPS production plants in Europe, SUNPOR supplies annually around ...
SUNPOR enjoys the backing of O.N. Sunde AS, an investment concern with a worldwide reputation.
Our EPS products meet defined standards and requirements in the environmental field in a ...
In just 30 years SUNPOR has through its innovative quality grown to become the third largest ... more
Many different grades. One standard of service
SUNPOR service, which means: we become personally involved to ensure that EPS converters achieve ... more
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In under three decades, Sunpor has revolutionised building insulation throuogh innovations such as ... more
A world, which uses energy more thriftily through greater efficiency. That is the mission which ... more