EPS Design by Sunpor - Insulation. Packaging. Protection.

We design EPS.<br>We determine the future.-

We design EPS.
We determine the future.

About 98% of an EPS panel is air. This provides excellent insulation and protection performance as long as you have the necessary know-how.

The Granulate Behind the rigid foam EPS stands the description "Expandable Polystyrene". Through the combination between the crude oil derivative Styrene and the blowing agent Pentane, polymerised pearls are formed by means of a carefully controlled process. The sizes of these pure hydrocarbon pearls are between 0.3 and 2.5 mm. diameter. They form an EPS-granulate, produced by SUNPOR in different grades.

The rigid foam In their turn, the processors of EPS cause the granulate to foam by means of the Pentane blowing agent. The expanded beads then weld themselves to form compact rigid foam panels or moulds.

A value-creating material
In principle, EPS traps the air between the polystyrene membranes. Thus EPS according to its foamed density consists of up to 98% air, making it possible for compact rigid foam panels or mouldings to be created. This means that EPS is a particularly excellent insulating material - alongside its other properties, EPS plays a leading part in packaging and sporting applications.

  • Warmth and sound-insulating
  • Low weight
  • Insensitive to dampness
  • Pressure resistant
  • Harmless, presenting no health risks
  • Excellent value

The design
SUNPOR′s well-developed design capability ensures that this granulate can be economically processed for use in many applications. And each grade already possesses special properties and values for its particular end-use: highly developed additives ensure optimised insulation, water-tightness, particularly large cell sizes which give extra lightness, dyed-through colouring, etc.

An energy-conserver
Despite the consumption of crude oil as a raw material, EPS demonstrates an outstanding environmental balance. As an insulating medium, each EPS panel saves the fossil energy used in its manufacture many times over.