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Special Challenges. <br> Special EPS.-

Special Challenges.
Special EPS.

The innovative value of many of SUNPOR′s EPS grades can be traced back to their advanced design.

Research and Development SUNPOR′s research and development achievements count among the most successful in the EPS market. From this activity emerged the "super insulator" Lambdapor®, which today counts as one of the world′s most efficient EPS insulation applications.

Colour-Value EPS which is not merely coloured, but which - through the process of extrusion - leaves the factory dyed throughout, is one of SUNPOR′s other domains. Brightly coloured EPS opens for the EPS processors further market opportunities. One example: helmets with a uniquely tasteful appearance using Suncolor® exquisit. Another: Suncolor® micro grades are approved for foodstuff contact. This means that strongly eye-catching and colourfully attractive products for display in the market place can be made using these grades.

Special Grades on demand
SUNPOR combines industrial capacity on an international scale with product specific know-how and service. For projects with an economic volume we can make available a specific grade of EPS for your particular requirements.