EPS Design by Sunpor - Insulation. Packaging. Protection.

You have goals.<br> We have the EPS granulate to help you meet them.-

You have goals.
We have the EPS granulate to help you meet them.

EPS opens up extraordinary possibilities to converters and processors. Which, depends on the quality of the granulate.

Specific Requirements Above all, EPS must simply be a good insulator. The least amount of space required, the better. In some places, it may be required that EPS allows the passage of moisture through it. In others, that it is reliably blocked. As a packaging medium or as protection during transport for sensitive high-tech items it is vital that EPS efficiently absorbs bumps and pressure. Moreover, it needs to be featherlight, capable of producing foam at the lowest densities. Then also it can need to be harmless when in contact with foodstuffs, deeply coloured to look attractive, or heat resistant.

It always comes down to the precise relationship between the users and the producers of EPS grades. The quality of the granulate sets the limits of the possibilities open to the EPS processor and to the EPS converter.

Innovatively designed grades
At SUNPOR we do not just make EPS granulate. We have designed it. Grade for grade, for the most widely different requirements, with innovative know-how. From advice regarding specific products to the optimal setting of the processing plants, we show our customers the way; this means that they are able to produce that insulation material, packaging, or other application, which stands out in the market place.