EPS Design by Sunpor - Insulation. Packaging. Protection.

First, the quality.<br>Then, the quantity.-

First, the quality.
Then, the quantity.

In just 30 years SUNPOR has through its innovative quality grown to become the third largest EPS producer in Europe.

SUNPOR produces around 230,000 tons of EPS granulate each year. Of this quantity, 90% is exported, including a significant amount to the Far East. This output places SUNPOR in third position among EPS manufacturers in Europe.

Behind this impressive development of production volume lies a clear emphasis on quality. Alongside personal customer service SUNPOR places great value on consistently reliable granulate quality and on innovative added value for the user.

Building Insulation Some 80% of SUNPOR′s production finds its way into the construction industry. Building insulation has become one of the most prominent and growing technologies of the day. It represents an opportunity to maintain modern living standards of comfort in times of strongly increasing energy costs. It provides a way of directly confronting the realities of climate change and over-exploitation of energy resources. And as an investment, it increases property value. With these factors in mind, SUNPOR has introduced to the market grey EPS, which compared with conventional white EPS displays an insulation performance superior by a factor of 25%, while lowering the consumption of resources used in its production. Within the last six years SUNPOR has increased the production of its grey "super insulator" Lambdapor® fifteen-fold.

Packaging For the packaging industry SUNPOR produces, in addition to white EPS, a range of coloured grades which are compatible with food packaging regulations.

Helmets Every other bicycle, motor-bicycle, and sports helmet in Europe has a SUNPOR lining inside. SUNPOR helmet materials distinguish themselves from others by their tastefully colour dyed-through appearance.