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Lambdapor®: <br>The Superinsulator-

The Superinsulator

With Lambdapor® SUNPOR occupies the high end of modern EPS insulation technology. Around 25% stronger insulating power than conventional EPS, perfect in processing, economic in application.

With a lambda value well under 0.40 W/(mK), EPS already in the past counted itself amongst the most efficient insulating media. By achieving a lambda value of around 0.30 W/(mK) with the grey super-insulator Lambdapor®, SUNPOR has succeeded in virtually destroying the physical boundaries of EPS insulation. Because at this level Lambdapor® insulates nearly as efficiently as the air itself, which is locked into EPS (0.26 W/(mK)).

The Graphite Innovation The innovative principle behind this: fine graphite particles – they give Lambdapor® its typical shade of grey – are embedded through the costly extrusion process (involving the melting of granulate) in the EPS membrane. There they function as an additional heat blocker, by the reflection of infra-red radiation.

New possibilities Lambdapor® technology opens new design space for EPS users and their suppliers:
  • A new dimension in insulation with no extra requirement for space.
  • Or state-of-the-art insulation which uses less space than other conventional insulation materials.

Just as processable as White EPS
In terms of processability and mechanical properties Lambdapor® exhibits all the strengths of conventional white EPS: short cycle times, excellent fusion, foamability to extremely low densities, using less material and resources. In order to meet the burgeoning requirements, SUNPOR has increased the production of Lambdapor® fifteen-fold in the past six years. Grey EPS has begun to set new economic and technological standards in building insulation.

This is the way to Lambdapor®

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