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Building with More Quality.<br>More Value in Building.-

Building with More Quality.
More Value in Building.

Innovative quality in application gives SUNPOR′s insulation grades superior value. Leading quality in their processing gives them economic superiority.

Insulation-plus Alongside their white EPS insulating grades such as    A 245 SE and  A 355 SE, SUNPOR has with Lambdapor® developed today′s worldwide leader in grey insulation technology. No other EPS grade saves as much in terms of energy costs using so little material, while minimising the space required by the end-user. SUNPOR′s insulating grades are optimised for flame protection, exhibit as required excellent movement and pressure tolerance, and are specially designed for different applications such as wall insulation, foundations, or footfall sound deadening.

Processing-plus For the producer of EPS insulation products granulate from SUNPOR distinguishes itself through high levels of fusion with short cycle times and through constant standards of quality. In essence, the SUNPOR quality philosophy remains unchanged: our customers should fulfil their goals using our products. In this manner we support EPS processors with our experts, even to the extent of advising them about the optimal setting of their machinery and production technology when using SUNPOR material.

Environment-plus In addition to its technological lead, EPS from SUNPOR possesses a special ecological quality. According to the worldwide leading Responsible Care Standard, we produce insulating material the use of which is harmless to good health and which saves in energy terms many times over the fossil fuels which are needed for its production.