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Major Fire Trial - EPS* withstands the Flames

On 19th September the Graz Fire Brigade held a trial to determine the safety of EPS Insulation Panels mounted on facades under fire conditions. Common scepticism was refuted; the EPS facades showed themselves to be completely self-extinguishing.

"Pure kindling" was the phrase recently used by some critics to describe EPS panels on building facades. Recognising the widespread use of such panels, due to their excellent price/performance ratio, the Graz Fire Brigade decided to clarify matters by organising a controlled fire trial on the site of a disused factory. 200 experts from home and abroad closely followed the progress of the specially initiated fire on six
house facades, two of which were EPS-insulated.

The result was as clear as it was reassuring; the two EPS facades would not catch fire, the flames extinguished themselves after a short time, and the 250 firemen present were scarcely needed.

"If correctly installed insulation panels are subject to fire, the situation is readily brought under control" summarised Fire Chief Otto Meisenberger in positive fashion. Dr. Clemens Demacsek, Managing Director of the Rigid Polystyrene Foam Safety Association (GPH), showed little surprise;"we know that EPS, in combination with a correctly applied non-flammable plaster finish, is virtually fireproof".

*Expandable Polystyrene ("Styropor")