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Roofpor®: “Rubber boot”<br />for your insulation.-

Roofpor®: “Rubber boot”
for your insulation.

Resistance to damp increases the efficiency of the insulation. The is above all proven by Roofpor® - especially on inverted roofs.

A certain percentage of water absorption by volume is sufficient to reduce the insulation of panels by 4 percent. SUNPOR has therefore developed a real humidity blocker in the form of Roofpor®: Roofpor® is extremely water-repellent and can be laid in single layers of any thickness. This qualifies Roofpor® as a robust insulator in exposed areas: preferably on inverted roofs or in the basement. The cells contain no halogenated propellant, only pure air. Roofpor® is therefore THE added-value alternative to other insulating materials.

Recommended density range 25 - 35 kg/m³
Granulat geometry Pearl granulat; diameter 0,6 - 1,0 mm
Pentane content
(during filling)
> 6% by weight
Water content < 0,4% by weight
"Flame retardant"
Packaging type in Octabins of 1.150 kg