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Lambdapor®:<br />for the decisive millimetre.-

for the decisive millimetre.

Specially devised „tuning" of the insulation properties of EPS has brought innovation to the EPS sector.  Grey EPS Lambdapor®: the new dimension in building thermals.

It is often the pressure to save space which defines the limits of energy saving.  With the renovation of living quarters : what to do with the abundant insulation material, for which the original constructor has never anticipated the space required?

The innovative EPS product Lambdapor® allows the „squaring off" of space. The inclusion of an infra-red absorbing additive drastically reduces the passage of thermal radiation.   The result: the insulation performance required can be attained with panels 20% thinner.  Where every millimetre counts, this represents a critical added value, which opens new possibilities on the building site. Grey Lambdapor® is processed every bit as easily as white EPS and offers almost unlimited applicational possibilities in warmth insulation and footfall muffling.

Lambdapor® 750 (with flame retardant) is particularly suitable for facade insulation, doublage elements, soundproofing panels, rafter insulation, sandwich elements, and panels.

Lambdapor® 753
is a fine bead fire-retardant grade, ideal for the preparation of shape moulds with a minimum density of 18 kg./m3, insulation boses, rafter insulation elements, high density insulation panels, and building system panels (ICF).