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Brickpor®:<br />EPS in a brick.-

EPS in a brick.

Bricks produced with Brickpor® are more resistant to heat – and therefore more valuable.

The Emmental principle for bricks: Brickpor® pearls are mixed with the brick mortar. During firing, they disappear and leave tiny holes behind. The air that collects in these holes improves the heat resistance of the bricks. By the same principle, Brickpor® also improves the insulating capacity of concrete and insulating plaster.

EPS – not on the brick, but in the brick.

Recommended density range 11 - 15 kg/m³
Granulat geometry Pearl granulat; diameter 0,3 - 0,8 mm
Pentane content
(during filling)
> 5,0% by weight
Water content < 0,4% by weight
"Flame retardant"
Packaging type in Octabins of 1.150 kg