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Suncolor® PPE: <br>As good as it gets.-

Suncolor® PPE:
As good as it gets.

As good as it gets. With Suncolor® PPE the value of EPS is enhaced to the maximum in areas where temperature resistance and strength are required.

The excellent premium product for special applications: no EPS grade withstands a higher mechanical load than Suncolor® PPE. Its resistance to higher temperatures is also unsurpassed.

Special grades available on request.

Density 30 - 150 kg/m³
Granulate Geometry lentil-shaped granules(diameter
0,6 - 1,5 mm)
Pentane content
(at time of packing)
> 5,0 % by weight
Water content < 0,3 % by weight
Flame retardant additive PPE: no
Packaging in Octabins of 1,100 kg or
in corrugated metal drums of 125 kg


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