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Suncolor® exquisit: the shining light.-

Suncolor® exquisit: the shining light.

Always in the right place, where function and design count equally: the combination of a brilliant surface with technical brilliance.

How attractive can packaging be? Attractively dignified, even when it is also functional and when it falls into the right light with premium character products: As transport protection, Suncolor® exquisit is right up there with the other products of the Suncolor® range. As the ′presenter′of the goods with a shiny surface in black it is in a class of its own. And if the packaging also has to generate an appetite, Suncolor® is food safe.

Recommended density range > 20 kg/m³
Granulate geometry Granulat (diameter 0,65 mm)
Pentane content
(during filling)
> 4,0% by weight
Water content < 0,3% by weight
"Flame retardant"
Packaging type in Octabins of 1.000 kg or
in corrugated metal drums of 125 kg