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Special challenges.<br />Special EPS-

Special challenges.
Special EPS

The innovative value of many SUNPOR EPS grades can be traced back to their innovative design.

Research and Development SUNPOR′s research and development is among the most successful in the EPS Industry. It was the source of  the super-insulator Lambdaporr®, which today counts as one of the world′s most efficient EPS insulation..

Value in Colour EPS which is not just dyed, but by means of an extrusion process is deep-pore coloured throughout, is a further area of SUNPOR excellence.  Brightly coloured EPS offers its users extra opportunities in the market place. One example is that of helmets with a unique tasteful appearance thanks to the use of Suncolor exquisit®. Alternatively in material certified as suitable for contact with foodstuffs the structured colour presentation of  products in the shop window or market place using Suncolor micro seizes the customer′s attention.

Special Bespoke Grades SUNPOR combines industrial capacity on an international level with project-specific know-how and service. For projects with an economic volume requirement, we can develop specifically designed special EPS grades.