EPS Design by Sunpor - Insulation. Packaging. Protection.

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Helmets with SUNPOR inside: so safe, just as demanded by the leading test certificates. So stylish, just as customers like it the world over.

SUNPOR supplies worldwide leading producers of helmets for cycles, motor cycles, skaters, and other sports. With EPS, which supports classical helmet production as perfectly as in-mould finishing: extremely resisant to collisions, economically processable, tastefully diverse designs for shape and high value appearance.

Reliable Safety With helmet material from SUNPOR you are able to meet all international test standards. With us you are also on the safe side when it comes to processing: you can safely trust our constantly high grade material, colour quality and assurance of supply.

Fixed Standards Subject to proper processing, you will meet the following international legal standards using SUNPOR raw material.

EU European Test Standard EN1078 (Standard) and EN 1080 (children)

USA                                      CPSC, ASTM F1492
Australien /Neuseeland AS/NZS 2063:1996
Canada                                CAN-CSA D113.2-M
Japan                                   JIS T 8134-1982

Tasteful Appearance
Our anthracite-black (Suncolor® exquisite, Suncolor® protect) or silver grey (Suncolor® micro, Suncolor® exquisit) EPS grades save you the trouble of colouring EPS yourself. In addition: our EPS, coloured throughout by the use of an extrusion process, gives your helmets such a taste and high value appearance and consequently more value in the market place. For projects with an economic volume requirement we can develop special colour grades for your particular requirements.

Innovative Mould Design Some EPS grades Suncolor® protect for example have been optimised for thin-walled milled aluminium moulds. For innovations such as an unmistakable aerated design of your helmets.

Optimal Cost Production Short cycle times in processing are a decisive cost factor for you. For us it is a critical factor in EPS design and part of our technical advisory service.