EPS Design by Sunpor - Insulation. Packaging. Protection.

Suncolor® micro:<br />generates an appetite<br />for colour.-

Suncolor® micro:
generates an appetite
for colour.

Practical, colourful and temperature-stable: This type is a fixed item on the packaging menu in the food industry.

From delicate salmon to cool pale blue and powerful green: fruit, vegetable and meat trays made from Suncolor® stimulate demand and create an optimal packaging climate for the goods:

Stable protection and a firm packing through easy processing into precisely moulded tray shapes. Not to mention insulation that is clearly better than any alternative packaging materials. Naturally, all in a food safe design.

Special grades available on request.

Recommended density range > 20 kg/m³
Granulat geometry Lentil-shaped Granulat
(diameter 0,6 - 1,2 mm)
Pentane content
(during filling)
> 4,0% by weight
Water content < 0,3% by weight
"Flame retardant"
Packaging type in Octabins of 1.100 kg or
in corrugated metal drums of 125 kg