EPS Design by Sunpor - Insulation. Packaging. Protection.

Each product is different. Each EPS- packaging also.-

Each product is different. Each EPS- packaging also.

Where tens of thousands Espresso Machines or DVD Recorders are despatched yearly, damage during transport becomes a relevant cost factor. With EPS packaging this can be precisely taken care of.

EPS contains around 98% air. That′s why it is almost as light as bubble-wrap, and performs even better in the packaging of high value equipment.

Managing the Transport Risk From analysis of transport damage, most producers know all too well its cost and its causes. By the use of fine and accurate packaging engineering, EPS helps to keep this cost factor under control.

The shape, density, and material properties of packaging are easily measured, just as thermal insulation is. This begins with the choice of the SUNPOR granulate grade to be used and continues with its processing. This is how SUNPOR supports the converter on their premises in a personal manner, with expertise which is the result of many years′ experience.