EPS Design by Sunpor - Insulation. Packaging. Protection.

In Particular:<br />EPS as E-xclusive.-

In Particular:
EPS as E-xclusive.

The exclusivity of your product starts with its presentation. With SUNPOR EPS.

Exclusive quality is successful in the market, when it is exclusively produced. SUNPOR EPS opens opportunities which combine the advantages of economic production, freedom of design, and tasteful appearance.

Exclusive Packaging An expensive bottle of wine, fine perfumery items, or top quality earphones: EPS packaging protects your exclusive product well beyond that of the competition. It also communicates its value: with intriguingly designed shape mouldings in nobly shining EPS such as Suncolor® exquisit, or with bright colours in the case of a Suncolor® micro grade.

Creative Presentation For the presentation of your quality products in the shop window, EPS is the ideal choice of material for creative displays: in the form of figurine contours,  ......or shelving construction.