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Colours stimulate the appetite. Just like Suncolor®.-

Colours stimulate the appetite. Just like Suncolor®.

EPS is not just an efficient packaging medium. It is also an excellent selling point. Above all, when it is colourful and safe in contact with foodstuffs.

Vegetable, fruit and meat trays made from EPS can never again be ignored in the food trade. They reliably protect foodstuffs against impurities, and – thanks to their insulation property – against temperature changes.

A bright presence Until now, there was food grade (white) EPS. And there was coloured EPS. Suncolor® micro combines both: food grade EPS, which is not just coloured on the surface, but coloured all through thanks a special process – conferring upon your products a bright presence.

Structured Presentation Roast-brown trays for meat, green for vegetables, yellow for fruit. Or on the shelf for cold cuts, red colour for hotter tastes, brown for spicy ones, and green for mild taste preferences. With Suncolor®, you don′t just strongly present your products to grab attention but lend them structure in a densely competitive field. Experience shows that the customers react positively to this.