Recycling project:

PolyStyreneLoop gaining momentum

Recycling project:

Financing for the PolyStyreneLoop recycling project has been secured and the green light given for work to begin on constructing the pilot plant.
The European project PolyStyreneLoop was launched with a view to developing a sustainable recycling solution for EPS and polystyrene. sunpor is also part of this cooperation, in which companies specialised in every aspect of plant construction are involved, ranging from producers and processors to disposal companies. The stated goal of the initiative is to create a sustainable product cycle and ensure that EPS is handled in a way that conserves resources.

As has now been reported by the directors of PolyStyreneLoop, financing for the project has been secured with support from the Dutch National Groen Fund (NGF). Now that the necessary technical, legal and environmental reviews have also been successfully completed, the path is now clear for construction work to begin on the pilot plant in Terneuzen in the Netherlands.

sunpor CEO Roman Eberstaller on the current project status: “Securing this funding means that an important step has been taken towards developing an ecological and sustainable industrial solution for polystyrene and EPS products,” and adds, “sunpor stands for innovative and sustainable solutions for the future, which is why we are clearly committed to the PolyStyreneLoop and its aim to establish itself as a sustainable industrial solution.”

Contract signing with Willem Meijer (National Groen Fonds), Lein Tange (PolyStyreneLoop), Jean-Paul Schaaij (National Groen Fonds), Jan Nordegraaf (PolyStyreneLoop)

Link: PolyStyreneLoop