Major fire test confirms:

fire safety of EIFS with EPS

The ability of EPS to safeguard against fires as part of exterior insulation finishing systems (EIFS) was confirmed in the course of major fire tests.

An exterior insulation finishing system with EPS was also tested in a realistic major fire test as part of the “2019 Fire Protection Highlight” at a specialist event for authorities, fire brigades, fire protection and security forces, the construction industry and industry held in St. Pölten from 28 to 29 August 2019. The test façade with 200 mm of EPS-F (fire class B-s2) used together with mineral plaster and fire blocks met the DIN 4102-20 and ÖNORM 3800-5 standards. The live fire test took place outdoors under highly realistic conditions and was watched with keen interest by the expert audience.

The clear and unambiguous result at the end of the test was that, if properly processed and the relevant standards are met, the exterior insulation finishing system with EPS can pass such a fire test with flying colours.

During the 30-minute test, the EPS behind the mineral plaster melted, but the proper installation of the material ensured that no additional fire load was created and that the fire could not spread.