Resources, climate and comfort:
why sunpor EPS is part of the solution

Because building insulation and packaging made of sunpor EPS saves many times the energy needed to produce it. And this all the more in a future EPS circular economy in which used EPS is recycled to make new EPS. This is what we at sunpor are committed to. As the world’s leading technological manufacturer of EPS granules. With personal support for processors. Working passionately to achieve a sustainable future.
EPS – the raw material

EPS – the raw material

EPS: highly diverse, specific uses
Insulation that keeps both the heat and the cold outside – and allows the walls to “breathe”. Helmets that not only provide lightweight and efficient protection, but can also have a trendy look. Packaging that is as light as a feather but as strong as a bull...
EPS is so much more than ‘polystyrene’. At sunpor, we have turned it into an innovative material that turns clever ideas into successful applications: highly functional, diverse and highly efficient when it comes to costs and the use of raw materials. This is why EPS from sunpor is the right choice.

suncolor circolor® 100

Helmets that protect more than your head more