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Leading EPS <br>from leading technology.-

Leading EPS
from leading technology.

With one of the most modern EPS production plants in Europe, SUNPOR supplies annually around 230,000 tons of EPS grades of the widest variety. Solid standard quality designed for special requirements for our customers.

SUNPOR′s second manufacturing site opened in 2009 in St. Pölten-Radlberg, 10 km away from the parent plant in St. Pölten–Stattersdorf (Austria). Today the new site is the location of the company management, and boasts one of the most modern EPS production facilities in Europe.

In-house Research and Development The SUNPOR laboratory developed the "superinsulator" Lambdapor®, today the most efficient insulating grade of EPS in the world.

Personal and Industrial Sunpor combines a transparent structure and personal service with a high level of industrial capacity in the production. Granulate can be transported from the SUNPOR sites to the customer, saving space. The customer processes the granulate by foaming before the production of EPS blocks or mouldings. The resultant polymer retains all the special properties of the granulate, even when expanded by up to 150 times.