EPS Design by Sunpor - Insulation. Packaging. Protection.

Building is a diverse activity. <br>Just as diverse as our range of EPS grades.-

Building is a diverse activity.
Just as diverse as our range of EPS grades.

Thermal insulation, protection from dampness, and the muffling of footfall sound: Each insulating EPS granulate from SUNPOR is perfectly designed and prepared for its task and can be efficiently processed.

Producers of EPS insulation applications build on the possibilities which are offered by the newest EPS technology available. They benefit from a leading price/performance relationship, perfect fusion characteristics, and short cycle times. Added value for the processor by virtue of innovatively designed granulate.

Facades For the insulation of facades and rafters SUNPOR produces the internationally currently strongest performing grey "super insulator", Lambdapor®. Optimised for fire resistance like other insulating grades in SUNPOR′s range, Lambdapor® is able to provide strong insulation using hitherto impossible space-saving dimensions or incomparable insulation performance with conventional panel thickness. In the classical market for white EPS, SUNPOR grades such as A 245 SE and A 355 SE deliver appealing insulation performance with outstanding processing properties.

At Ground Level For insulation at ground level (the perimeter) SUNPOR offers two reliable damp resistant EPS grades from among their standard product range: Terrapor®3 and Terrapor®4. The completely watertight type Roofpor® is especially suitable for the requirements of inverse roofs.

Footfall Lambdapor® 750 is optimally designed for the deadening of footfall sound. This grade can be foamed to very low densities and be compressed after foaming to serve as a highly efficient sound muffler.

Whatever is being built by you or by your customers, you can rely on SUNPOR EPS technology for your foundation.