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Target Passive-House Standard: active with EPS-

Target Passive-House Standard: active with EPS

EPS represents the active path towards the Passive-House Standard. The super-insulator Lambdapor® is the quickest.

Structural Engineering Good conductors insulate badly. Good insulators are bad conductors. Traditional building site wisdom. A thermal insulation system with EPS resolves the dilemma, by combining the positive features: solid bricks bear the heavy loads, while aerated EPS panels – like a protective pullover – mounted on the facade provide the insulation.

Insulation Performance
8 centimetres of the grey SUNPOR super-insulator Lambdapor® gives the same insulation performance as 90 centimtres of brick. (or 10 centimetres of white EPS). Lambdapor® is thus today′s most efficient EPS insulating product.

The Slim Line The savings realised by using Lambdapor®, the particularly efficient insulator, greatly exceed the additional raw material cost. The running costs of a building are reduced to otherwise unobtainable levels. Putting it another way, because a high level of insulation can be reached using thinner panels, costs are saved by installing thinner window frames and sills.

The energy- life balance EPS uses crude oil (in the form of Styrene Monomer) in its manufacture. However, by its installation as an insulating medium the amount of raw energy used in its production is saved many times over. Around 1400 litres of heating oil are saved in a Passive House each year, in comparison with a conventionally built family house with oil heating.An additional benefit lies in the easy recyclability of  EPS when it is no longer required (often after many decades of use)..

Bresdth of Application By virtue of its universal insulation properties EPS stabilises room temperature: in winter it keeps the warmth in the living area, and cools it down in summer.The use of Lambdapor® enables a house to brought up to a Passive House Standard, whereby there is no need for energy intensive central heating or air conditioning.